All Around Us Are Ghosts

Posted by on July 27, 2019 at 11:57 am.

Imagine you are a neolithic person. You use stone tools every day. You are known for being fastidious, and you only lose 5 tools per year- arrowheads lost in a stream bank or stuck in a deer that runs off and is not found, scrapers set by a fire get covered by ashes and forgotten. Now imagine the millions and millions of people that lived for tens of thousands of years in North America, all losing that many tools per year. Now imagine that each of these forgotten and broken and lost pieces of work, these manifestations of human intent- they are glowing, humming, shining, vibrating. The world is alive with these things; we are surrounded and cradled in their music and light. We walk upon them, buried inches below us in the soil. We cast our fishing lines above them, laying in sediment at the bottom of rivers. We drive over them every time we go to work. We are not and have never been alone; we cannot be. This planet sings with our work.

This is the feeling I have when I find my first stone tool.

a “uniface scraper”