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welcome to livejournal

After (literally, no shit) reading a *poem* I wrote (the “bright pressure” one below) to a group of friends and getting a good reaction I have decided to put some of the non-saxophone related creative writing type things I have done on my old website, which has been parked and unused for a while. Perhaps […]

Here’s you

    A love nearly forgotten A possibility abandoned Brought to assaulting immediacy By a simple song and A friendly reminder by Google photos This is you a year ago Here you are happy Here you are not alone Ignorant of the future Would you like to save this? Would you like to try this […]

Bright Pressure

      Leaves fall around me in a steady, impossible rain Spiraling through the slow air of the last warm day in autumn I sense around the edges and from below the bright pressure of future heartache when all of this is just a memory My self, years hence, gazing on this moment with such force I […]


“Is that your purpose? Fixing things?” I have often found it difficult to explain what it is about fixing things that feeds my soul. Seeing this movie in theaters, this scene struck as close as anything ever has. Machines have what purpose we give them, and they are as imperfect or as perfect as we […]


   There is a concept Kintsugi it is the art of repairing things  to be more beautiful for having been repaired:   a bowl, dropped and broken into shards has those shards woven together again by lightning bolts of gold.  The bowl, now stronger now more beautiful now unique, becomes an heirloom- the history of its life […]